Session 2 | How has the blend of technology and people transformed family support?
Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions
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10:30am - 11:15am

Much has changed in the last few years. Here are just a few trends:

Employees have become more vocal about their expectations for work life balance; smart and personalised tech is expected as standard by consumers; flexibility is set to become a day 1 right; parents have ongoing worries about educational catch up; childcare has been recognised as part of the infrastructure under the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill while it’s harder for parents to source the care they need. And of course, we can’t unsee all the aspects of family life we saw on camera in the pandemic: employees now bring more of themselves to work.

How can employers leverage the best of technology and the best of people to create a world-class employee experience when it comes to supporting family life?

We’ll hear how different employers are making this work in different ways, whether through onsite nurseries with smart technology keeping parents in touch with their child’s day or globally scaled toolkits for managing parental leave, with real people ready to coach and chat, or networks that combine the best of online and in-person connections.

During this interactive, virtual workshop, you will hear:

  • Timely insights into emerging needs and trends from the 2023 Modern Families Index research

  • Examples of leading employers’ programmes to support family life using both online and in-person support

  • How savvy HR professionals demonstrate Return on Investment from supporting family life in digital and people-led ways

  • Jennifer Liston-Smith
    Jennifer Liston-Smith
    Head of Thought Leadership
    Bright Horizons
  • Iole Matthews
    Iole Matthews
    Head of Coaching Services
    Bright Horizons
  • Valerie Hardy
    Valerie Hardy
    HR Business Partner & Wellbeing/New Parent Lead
    Frazer-Nash Consultancy
About Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Bright Horizons is dedicated to providing the best in class work+family solutions. Alongside the provision of great childcare solutions, today we are dedicated to supporting employers enable the holistic combination of work and family; ensuring their working parents and carers are amongst the most engaged and productive members of any team.

The business now globally encompasses approximately 1,100 nurseries, over 10,000 emergency childcare and back-up care providers and works with more than 1,150 of the world’s leading employers providing a full range of work and family support. Our bespoke services address the practical, wellbeing and cultural needs of organisations and individuals.

With operations in the US, UK, India the Netherlands and Australia, we specialise in supporting multi-national clients. We have a strong commitment to corporate sustainability, which we approach through our Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

We act as a trusted partner, provider and advisor on strategies for combining work+family. This plays a key part in attracting, engaging and retaining clients’ talented employees.

Bright Horizons Modern Families Index 2023
Bright Horizons Modern Families Index 2023
BUCA Solutions Guide 2023
BUCA Solutions Guide 2023
Bright Horizons Parental Leave Toolkit Solutions Guide
Bright Horizons Parental Leave Toolkit Solutions Guide
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