A New Kind of HR

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16th & 23rd March 2021

HR Grapevine Live | Virtual Event

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Welcome to HR Grapevine Live

The corporate world is rapidly transforming and rule books have been rewritten.

New business models, practices and employee expectations are being created almost daily.

On this landscape, HR teams are set to play a pivotal role in going further: moving past simple individual empowerment to being an inspirational force that drives people to make a difference.

A new Format for the New HR

HR Grapevine Live comes to you in a new and truly unique virtual format in 2021. This annual event showcases the very best that HR aspires to be. Through case studies, research & insights and first-hand experiences, HR practitioners will share how their corporate journeys are transforming the world in which we work and inspire you to create change of your own.

This event will epitomize a "New Kind of HR"

Inspire and change the future face of the workplace
Create, share and download content amplifying your experience
Be part of the discussion and gain insight from other HR leaders creating a 'New Kind of HR'
Active Learning
Interactive sessions, workshops, roundtables and keynote speaker presentations
Accessible from anywhere in the world, on any device in real time
This event will epitomize a "New kind of HR" - Don't forget it's free to attend
Partnering with us

Our partners are an integral part of the HR Grapevine Live experience, hosting dedicated sessions and creating meaningful touch-points with our attendees, there are no parallel steams so everyone can be heard.

Contact our expert team today to discuss your partnership options for
HR Grapevine Live.

Our virtual platform:
what to expect

Our unique virtual platform is designed to offer our audience an unforgettable, interactive experience. Join us to engage with peers and industry experts in this completely digital event.